Privacy Policy

Member’s personal data is held solely for the purposes of communication with members. Data is held on a secure computer system. Data is not to be used for marketing purposes or be passed to any third party. The source of the data is as supplied by members on application plus any subsequent amendments also supplied by the member. There is no online access to the data. Access to the data is only available to officers of Sport Godalming. Members are entitled to request all details held in their name. Requests should be made to the Hon. Secretary. Personal data will be retained for the duration of the membership unless a request is received to delete it. Minimal data may be archived in order to retain club records. If you are happy to continue your membership of Sport Godalming and for us to retain the membership data currently held, then you need do nothing. If, however, you would prefer to cancel your membership and/or to have personal details removed then please submit your request to the Hon. secretary at